Jun 28, 2016

Small Life Update

I feel like I have more Update kind of posts than actual posts about something specific.

So, I haven't posted anything in a while but I've been pretty busy
Work and school kept me quite busy but when I had some time off, I was spending it with my friends. I finally had time to meet with some friends who I haven't seen in a while and we tried to meet as often as our schedules allowed it.

There have been some fun things going on:

I finally went to my first Simple Plan concert!!!!
I've been in love with this band for abut 12 years now and I had a ticket for a concert years ago but then got sick and couldn't go >_<
So I've been really excited about this concert and they didn't disappoint.
If you ever have the chance to go and like their songs, do it! It's definitely worth it.
The place wasn't that big so it was even better because you could see everything and enjoy the show.

Boom Live 

The shirt I bought at the concert

I also went to another concert with my best friend. I'm not actually a fan of that artist but we had a deal that she would come see Simple Plan with me if I would go here with her.

Other than that, I also attended two events and the first one was the Japantag.
The Japantag/Japanday is an annual festival that's supposed to celebrate the friendship between Japan and this city.
There are a lot of food stands with japanese dishes like Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki. There is also a booth where the Kimono club shows you how to put on a Kimono.
And a lot just sell things like stuffed toys, wigs and cosplay equipment, anime figures, kpop merchandise and so on.
I haven't actually seen much of the booths this year because it was way too crowded and too hot that day.
I've just stayed at the main place with the huge stage. It was quite cute because when I was there, the kids from the japanese kindergarden were performing. They were singing and dancing and one act even performed like cheerleaders.

Here's a short video that I found on youtube. 
You can see some of the booths and a lot of cosplayers and lolitas so you might like it??

The second event that I attended was the Dokomi.
It's also an annual convention. It usually has some popular cosplayers and mangakas as guests.
They offer a lot of workshops, which I haven't went to yet >< We always consider going but by the time they start, we are in the middle of the building and have no idea how to get to that room or are just too distracted to watch the time carefully ><

There are even more booths with stuffed toys, clothes, merchandise and so on. They even got a whole new huge room for these booths this year. I kind of felt like I was in heaven but I told myself not to buy too much so it was torture at the same time.
I usually buy a stuffed toy at these conventions but this time I was fascinated by a steampunk shop and just bought a corset there. I'm already planning what to buy from that shop next year ;;>_>

Also one HUGE plus this year was the purikura machine. I miss it since the OCS store closed 2 years ago T_____T

Here are two videos from this convention:

I think it's always nice watching videos from these conventions because I see really good cosplays that I haven't seen when I was there and you guys should definitely check out some more videos on youtube. 

If you have watched these videos, you might have seen the cosplayers in a park. That park is right next to the venue where the Dokomi is.
It's a beautiful park and that's why my best friend and I went there to take some pictures earlier this year. It was sakura season and we've always wanted to take pictures with pink trees in our pink wigs. So we met up after school, put some makeup and the wigs on and went there to take pictures.
My phone was fully charged at the beginning but we took so many pictures that it died after like 2-3 hours in the park.

Other than that we just spend days together out in the city or at home chilling.
It was also my birthday a couple days ago and I went out to eat with my family and also went to the movies with my best friend and then we got honey toast *^*
I was craving it for soooo long.

Sooooooo~ That should be it.
I'm having some time off and I hope that I'll use some of it to write blog posts. I have a lot of pictures that I still need to edit but I'm always such a lazy butt. ><
Thanks for reading, if you even read all of this. I know it was a lot and I didn't think I'd write so much >< SORRY

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