Dec 27, 2015

Etude House Specials

I'm back again after another couple of months, not a big surprise anymore, is it?
I'll have a free week soon and I hope I'll have the time to write more than just one post so that I will have a few for the future which I can just publish.

Anyway, because I do not have much time at the moment, I wanted to talk about something where I can take the photos from Etude's websites.
I'm always a little lazy with editing my photos, even though it's actually a lot of fun for me, but it also takes up a lot of time ><

So, Etude House always has some specials going on and they still have these two, that I've ordered a few weeks ago.
They also have a SALE going on now, which is another reason why I wanted to write about it now. You can get the stuff even cheaper now.
The code is: Christmas2015

1. Snowy Dessert

You can either buy all of these separately, or you can buy one of two sets that the website offers.

The positive thing about the set is that you can save some money, since you pay 24$ instead of 35$ and even get a cute pen for free.

The negative thing is that you only have two sets and can't choose the colors you want for each item.
There are more than just two colors available when you get them separately but you don't have a choice for the sets.

Sweet-sour Grapefruit Set

Sweet Foxy Strawberry Set

As you can see, one set is really light with a pinkish liptint, a beige golden eyeliner and a ginger cookie blusher.
The other set is brighter/darker with a red liptint, dark brown eyeliner and a contour set.

I would have loved to get both and even more but in the end I got the lighter set, since I didn't want the contour set.

My set is currently stuck at customs but I did find picture online on how it should look like.
I'm a sucker for cute stuff and I love how the package of the cookie sets look like an actual oven, as if the cookie is actually baking inside.
I can't wait to get mine and post pictures of it.

I also have more pictures of the individual products and the many shades they come in, in case you want to buy them separately instead.

As you can see, the 101 Pencil has 5 shades. You can use it as eyeliner, lipstick, blush, etc.

 The cookie you could either get as blusher or as contour set.

This lip tint, which is called Pudding tint, comes in 5 different colors.

That's all for this set.

The second set I ordered was this one:

2. 2015 Best Sellers

Just like the first set, this also comes in two versions. You can either choose collection A or B.

You pay 50$ for:

  • 1 Play 101 Pencil in black
    • I love their Play 101 pencils and would always buy as many as I can with one order
  • 1 Wonder Pore Freshner 
    • This is the small bottle and I have my second full bottle at home right now. I love wiping my face with this after washing it and before moisturizing it at night.
  • 1 Moistful Collagen Cream
    • I'm not quite sure about this one yet. I have the night cream at home and haven't used it that often, yet.
  • 1 Dear my Wish Lips in either Coral or Pink
    • I already have lipsticks from this collection and they are really creamy and bright and I wanted to try other colors anyway
  • 1 Missing U Hand Cream in either peach or green tea
  • 1 Beauty Shot Face Blur
    • I always wanted to buy this before but didn't and this was a good opportunity. 
  • 6 Face Masks

Hurry up and buy these sets, preferably including the 30% Christmas sale code, while you still can. 
I thought these were really nice offers and had to add another set to the order for my friend.

Let's hope I will actually type up the next posts soon and won't take months again!
Tell me what you think in the comments below and if you want me to make another posts about these sets once I get mine. 

Sep 6, 2015

Real vs Fake Etude House Etoinette collection

I feel like each one of my posts should start with an apology because it always takes me months to write up a new post. So, I'm sorry for taking so long, once again ><
Then I also want to thank the 1-2 new readers, who subscribed to my blog. It might not be a lot but it's still one more person who wants to read my blog and I'm really grateful!
Now on to the post:

A few weeks ago I bought an Etude House Princess Etoinette Lipstick from a private seller. They said they bought it from the online store for about 25$, which was weird already because it's not that expensive and just costs about 10$ plus shipping, but I thought that they might have exaggerated because they wanted a little profit and it was still cheaper than the 50$ lipsticks on ebay and the lipstick was sold out everywhere.
Then I got this:

It looks fine so far, doesn't it?

This was the next thing I saw. You should always check if the number actually exists. The Color POR211 does not exist for this collection and that was when I started being suspicious.

The next thing I noticed was that the cap was dirty and had several black lines. A new lipstick should not look like this.
I also compared the logo to the one on the Blush I have from the same collection and then I googled what it should look like for the lipstick and it was definitely different.

1. The circle is a bit thicker and the open spot in the middle is not as big.
2. The circle in the E is not as round but quite small and more longer than rounder.
3. Those 3 strokes should have a nicer form which is smaller on left side and gradually becomes bigger, looking like a drop.
4.  The end of it should curl inside but it just ends in the middle of the logo.
5. The same as Number 3.
(I'm not exactly sure how to explain all these differences but you can just look at the picture and I will post another one so just scoll a little more or ask me in the comments)

When I opened the Lipstick, I noticed that the E is missing. The Emblem should be on it.

I googled an official picture of the lipstick and put both the lipstick and the emblem on the outside together to show you the differences in one picture.

I contacted the seller and they kept telling me that they bought it from the official store but when I asked for a screenshot of the order, they kept on giving me lots of excuses.
If you're ever in this situation, make sure that the seller can proof that it is a genuine lipstick.
Please DO NOT use it, if you do not know if it's genuine. There can be a lot of dangerous ingredients inside of it and you don't want to have it on your lips. Your skin can absorb it and you will be licking your lips or just drinking and feeding your body with the toxic substance.

The seller told me to just keep it and use it or to sell it to someone else myself. Do not agree to that! Do not use it and also do not sell it yourself!
1. You don't want to give someone else a fake lipstick and have them use it!
2. You also do not want to be in the same position as the seller who sold you the item.

Open a paypal claim and ask for your money back!

I luckily got my money back and did not use the lipstick. Always make sure what you bought is a genuine product from the brand!

If you have any more questions, just leave a comment below or send me a message!

Jul 11, 2015

Review: Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack


So, if you just want to read the review, you can skip this part!
It's been A WHILE since I last posted and honestly, I was just too lazy to take pictures and edit them. 
I've celebrated my birthday in June and I'm still waiting for my friend to come home next week to celebrate again with her! 
Another reason is that I always think about what to say and can't really come up with much. In the end, when I do start writing, it's a lot more than I would have thought before I started. But I always have the problem that I need to kick my butt to start. 
It's been really hot in germany and that also made me lazy. >__< Working when it was 38° outside was horrible!! 
I've also been reading a lot. I finally finished the 'Pretty Little Liars' book series, which I started earlier this year and it's probably better than the show but the end is kind of annoying. I don't want to spoiler anyone, so that's all I'm gonna say about it. If you do want to talk to me about it, send me a message, comment below or talk to me on tumblr. 
I've also started watching korean dramas again, which is a huge surprise because the last drama I watched was in 2010 or 2011. 
I started with Heart to Heart (하트 투 하트) because of one of my favorite Idols, Wonder Girls' Ahn Sohee. And it was quite interesting with a surprising plot twist. I thought I already figured everything out after two episodes but they still succeeded with surprising me. Also, Sohee's character was adorable! I loved how bitchy and snarky she was in beginning but then showed a loving and caring side at the end. 
The second drama was The Producers (프로듀사) and I just watched this one because I felt like watching another korean drama and everyone was talking about this one.  
The episodes are quite long, about 80-90 minutes but it's really interesting and my best friend and I both felt like you could watch for one hour without checking the time and how much is left. Usually korean dramas can be a little boring because they are so long and the others aren't even as long as this one. 
Again, I fell in love with the bitchy character. Cindy, who was played by IU, is a bitchy singer but you just can't be mad at her and she was really cute when no one was watching. 
Okay, enough about me!
If anyone wants to talk, send messages. We can also talk on kakaotalk or facebook. ^^ 


Make sure you get originals and not fakes from China. You never know what could be inside of it and it might be bad for you!

This is the product, that I want to review. I randomly found a video of these on youtube and they looked really interesting. 
You apply these lip tints on your lips (Obviously, duh =_=;), the coat dries and you can peel it off. They leave a stain on your lips, which won't smudge or anything.

This is the video that I saw: 

I bought this set off of eBay for about 35$. 
I've seen the lip tints separately for 8-15$, so I was really lucky with the price for this set. 
This mask sheet was a free gift that I got with my order and I really appreciate it when sellers pack in a small gift like that. 
I also added a tracking number to my order and it just costed 1$ but it was useful. Some tracking numbers stop working in germany but this was one didn't! 

I bought THE SET from THIS USER.

I think the box looks really nice and even elegant with the black color and the drawings on the edges. The lip tints stay securely in the package and didn't fall out when I turned it over. 
I also love the different colors of the tubes and that they have small lips all over. It's not just a boring tube but has a really cute pattern.


I really love all of these colors, except maybe the 'Lovely Peach' one. I applied them around 4pm and they only faded slightly til the next morning, even with me rubbing over the stain A LOT. I also applied one color on my lips and it lasted me for almost 24 hours. 
That's why you need to be really careful when you apply it. If you overdraw it and it looks bad, you have to deal with it for a day. I've seen a video where someone applied it with a brush, so that might be a good idea! 


I'd definitely recommend this product and if you have any questions, leave it in a comment below. I'll try to help as much as I can ^w^