Jul 15, 2016

TesterKorea • Shop Review


A few weeks ago my friend Mari from Winterskin Makeup messaged me to tell me about the Apieu x Rilakkuma collaboration. She is a huge fan of the bear and so am I. 
The products had just come out and I’ve been looking on the usual sites where I order from like KollectionK and Rinishop.
But Mari suggested to order from Testerkorea because it would be cheaper there.
I like trying out new websites to compare them and see what works best for me so I figured why not give this one a try. 

Price comparison between Testerkorea and KollectionK:

         Testerkorea                        KollectionK
Price for 2 cushion blushers            10,70€ / 11,80$                              21,00€ / 23,18$
Registered Air Mail                              4,90€ / 5,50$                                   4,50€ / 4,99$

Total                                                      15,60€ / 17,30$                               25,50€ / 28,17$

As you can see it’s about 10€/$ cheaper which can be a lot for students or trainees. The money you saved can be used for something else and doesn't have to be wasted. 

Navigating through the website is fairly easy. If you know what you are looking for, you can just type it into the search bar and look for it. If you just want to look, you can look through the different categories like Beauty or the Hot Deals they have.
I also really like that they have the different currencies up there and how much it would be.

Once you have found what you are looking for, you just need to select the color and quantity and then add it to your cart, or your wishlist if you wanna buy it another time.

One of the things I love about this stop is that you have 5 (!!!) different shipping methods. They are really giving you all the possibilities to choose from. Others only have 2 and Gmarket only offers one, which is the expensive express shipping. Express shipping does nothing for me because germany always holds the packages for 1-3 weeks anyway.

Several payment methods are also good. I'm just happy that they accept paypal and I don't have to use my credit card ><


20th June  Placed my order
23rd June  Package was shipped
2nd July    Received the package

It took less than 2 weeks once I placed my order to actually receive it. For me it's really fast. I usually wait for a month or even longer when I order from other sites or ebay users that are located in asia.
I might have been lucky this time and it will take longer the next time but for my first purchase, I'm quite happy.

It was also really well packaged. The items I got were wrapped in bubble wrap with bubble wrap at the bottom of the package and those styrofoam balls on top of it.

 Fast Shipping
 Quite cheap
 Shipping methods
 Paying methods
 Good packaging 
 A lot of samples
 Restock often!

 Some products missing

I had to wait a few days for the colors I wanted to be restocked but that wasn't a problem at all and I didn't have any trouble with this website. I will definitely order from them again!
I hope I could help you a little and if you have any questions, please comment. 

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