Feb 15, 2015

Cream Biscuit Shopping Service Review + Web-limited Ribbon Rose Embossed Trunk Carry Reveal


I'm back with another review and Fukubukuro reveal. ^^

I used Tokyo Pirates for the Liz LisaxMy Melody trunk but prior to knowing Jamie would be working this year on New Years, I asked other shopping services if they would be doing the Fukubukuros. 
I found this shopping service on Facebook in a Gyaru sales group where the girl was promoting her page. 
I think that, just like Tokyo Pirates, she is also mainly a shopping service for Lolitas and I probably saw her post in a Lolita sales group instead but she also shops for Gyarus and many other things which she has listed in her description. 

I contacted her a few months before the release of the Fukubukuros and after Jamie said that she doesn't know if she would do them. 
We talked about her getting the Fukubukuro for me and agreed to talk about it again when the Fukubukuros would be released. 
On 11th October she messaged me and told me about seeing a Liz Lisa Luckypack in the stores. That one was released for the anniversary of the brand and I like that she thought of me and told me about it. That's a plus for me. 

I contacted her again like 2 weeks before the Fukubukuros were released online and we talked about how much her commission fee would be and when she would go to the store, if it would be trunk that was released in-stores only again. 
She was very patient with me and all my questions and encouraged me to ask as much as I want. Sometimes you can feel like you are bothering the other person and ask too many or stupid questions but it was never the case with her! 

I sent her a deposit for the Fukubukuro in advance because I knew it would be released when I would be sleeping and I read that it was sold out pretty fast the past year. 
I think the people in Europe are lucky because they can send her the money as a gift and in Euro so there won't be any paypal or conversion fees. 

So, I actually couldn't sleep and was awake when the bags were released online on December 1st. I messaged her with the link to the one I wanted and she got it for me immediately. It was actually a few minutes before they should have been released and when she had to leave for school, so I'm surprised that she had the time to get it. 

It took over a month for her to get the trunk which was on the 10th January. She also offered to show me what's inside but I wanted to wait and see everything for myself. 
We talked about different shipping methods for a few days because we were both busy and couldn't talk much. I sent her the payment for shipping on the 15th January and she shipped it on the 20th January. 
It took a little less than 2 weeks until I got a letter from customs to go pick the package up. 

This was how much I paid:

27.432¥ (Fukubukuro + Taxes)
+4.500¥ (Commission fee)
+ 13.600¥ (International Shipping/ 7,5kg with EMS)


❤︎ She replies within 24 hours
❤︎ Very friendly and pleasant to do business with
❤︎ Offers both EMS and Airmail
❤︎ Offers Online orders as well as in-store
❤︎ Good English
❤︎ Speaks french as well
❤︎ Reasonable Commission fee
❤︎ Remembered my request and told me about similar sales


✘ Package did not include any bubble wrap at all, could be safer

As you can see, there was only the plastic around it but no bubble wrap and I don't like there being so much room in the package for the trunk to move around. That's the only negative thing about the shopping service.

My Liz Lisa bags *^* 


This was my first item. The jacket is very soft and I like the color. But I'm a little disappointed that this was the outer clothing piece and it wasn't an actual coat or something thicker.


I didn't like this sweater at all. It's too big for me and it's also very thick. I hate it when my sweaters are too thick and the fabric at the top isn't something I would want on my clothes. 

2nd Sweater

I'm actually a little upset that this one is so short. It goes down to my ribs and doesn't even cover my stomach. I love the material, the color and the small ribbons on the sleeves but it's just too short on me. 


This is my favorite piece. I love cardigans and this one is very light and has the cute ribbons on the sleeves. 


I've seen this skirt in other reveals and the girls always made the skirt look really good and put together nice outfits. However I don't like the shirt for myself. I don't like such a heavy fabric for my skirts and don't like how I look in them >< 


I love this cute bracelet. ;w;

I'm not really happy with this trunk. I only kept the bracelet and the Cardigan and already sold everything else. I was hoping for a heavier coat which I could wear in the winter and both sweaters did not suit my taste or body. 
I was scared about the content after a girl posted about old clothes being in this Fukubukuro but calmed down and just anticipated getting my trunk after talking to Berry. Thank you for that!
It's sad that the clothes did not suit my taste because I did see really nice clothes in other Fukubukuros but I did keep two things and I'm happy with them. 

I'd give it ✰✰ out of 5.


Feb 8, 2015

Tokyo Pirates Review


When I was thinking about getting a Liz Lisa Fukubukuro the only Shopping Service I had in mind was Tokyo Pirates. I've worked with her before and ordered a few things with her help. 
I think she started off as a Lolita Shopping Service and mainly updates about Lolita Clothes on her tumblr. I'm not sure how I found her but I've been working with her for a year now and she's really the best.
She used to do everything by herself but has another person working with her now. I think that Jamie does the in-store orders while the other girl is working on the online orders. 

When you are buying in-store, you will have to pay 500¥ as travel fee and then a commission fee that depends on the price of the things you want to have. 
Online orders will include the domestic shipping, from the store to Jamie, and Commission fees. 
Here you can see how much you'd have to pay: 

You can order by sending her an email in this format:

You can find her on these sites:
Blog -
Tumblr -
Facebook -
Twitter -

The first time I messaged her about the Luckybags was 2-3 months before their release (It was my first time ordering them and I just wanted to make sure u_u;;;) 
She didn't know if she would be able to get them this year but promised me that she'll write it down and tell me if she would do it. She kept her word and messaged me on the 28th November and told me that she would indeed get them and asked if I want to reserve a spot. 
This would be the timeline of the e-mails:

28th Nov: Jamie told me she would get Fukubukuros this year
1st Dec: I asked Jamie if she could reserve me a spot for the LLxMM Fuku
3rd Dec: Jamie told me the price and reserved me a spot (4th)
7th Dec: Jamie sent me an invoice for the commission and travel fee
21st Dec: Jamie told me she could only reserve 3 Bags in advance at the store and I'd have to wait until the actual sale to know if she could get more, seeing as my spot was the 4th. (I've been really upset here and was already thinking that I wouldn't get the Fukubukuro after all) 
28th Dec: Jamie messaged me and said one of the other girls backed out so I moved on the 3rd spot and would get a Fukubukuro for sure! :D She sent me the invoice for the bag and then I had to wait until she sale begun
4th Dec: Jamie sent me an email that she got the trunk and would send me the invoice for the shipping of it
13th Dec: Jamie gave me the tracking number for the package

There have been a lot of emails in between and some of them were just us talking a bit about the Fukubukuros. 

I couldn't be more happy with my order. Working with Jamie has been really pleasant. She usually replies within a day and her replies are on point. I've had a problem with other shopping services, which couldn't really explain what you wanted to know or told you something in broken english. I've never had a bad experience with Jamie before. She is reliable and you really don't have to worry about your order. One time I wanted to order something off of mbok and she warned me that it might be a scammer and it could go wrong. 
Other shopping services wouldn't care or even pay attention. 
Anyway, continuing with this order.
This is what I had to pay:

32.400¥ for the Fukubukuro
+ 4.000¥ Commission fee
+ 500¥ Travel fee to the store
+ 1.442¥ Paypal fee 


12.400¥ Shipping
+ 545¥ Paypal fee

51.287¥ in Total

Considering that the Fukubukuro had 9 pieces inside and the trunk is an additional 10th piece, it was about 5000¥ for each piece. 

I think that it's worth the price, but I wouldn't get a new one every year. Jamie's commission and travel fees are reasonable and actually cheaper than what other SS's ask for. If you ever want to order a Fukubukuro, I'd recommend Jamie! 
I'm also really happy with how safely she packaged the trunk. My other Fukubukuro wasn't wrapped in any bubble wrap and just had the cardboard packaging. 

Extra: I got a cute bow with a small note as a gift
This was really sweet and the note was just adorable >w< 


❤︎ She replies within 24 hours
❤︎ Very friendly and pleasant to do business with
❤︎ Offers both EMS and Airmail
❤︎ Does Online orders, bids on Mbok/Yahoo Auctions as well In-store shopping
❤︎ Package is safe with A LOT of bubble wrap
❤︎ Good English
❤︎ Reasonable Commission fee
❤︎ Small gift 
❤︎ Remembered my request from months ago (Another SS that I asked did not message me again like she said she would) 


✘ I actually can't think of anything

I'd definitely use her service again and can only recommend her. If you don't have a shopping service yet, ask Jamie for help! 
I hope this kind of helped. It's almost 2am and I just wanted to get this review done u____u I hope the post is still okay and not too scattered.

Another quick update:
One reason why I've been up til 2am every day was that my babies 4minute were releasing teasers every day. They will release their music video on monday at 12PM which will be the middle of the night for me >< 

Maybe someone here wants to see the teasers so I'll link my two favorite ones: