Mar 24, 2016

Introducing: Restaurant Seoul in Düsseldorf



As I've mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to make more personal posts.
So, this will be the first one. It's still not as personal as I wanted it to be but I'm still in the changing and deciding process, so it will take some time and posts for me to get there.

Moving on, I really wanted to write about some nice and cute places in this town. And the first and most important one on my list is this cute Restaurant. 
It's called Seoul and the owners are a korean couple. 
I've been going there for a couple of years now and I don't even go there that much. At first I was only there like 3 times a year and now I maybe go like every second month.

So, this time I asked if could take pictures of the inside after everyone left and they agreed. And then I asked if I could also take pictures of them, to show their faces on my blog. It was quite funny because he was like. "Yea, sure. Take as many as you want. I'm ready!" While she was like, 'Oh, no. I didn't put on any makeup.' It was really cute!

So, these are the owners: 

 박 희정 Park/Yeo Heejung and 여행구 Yeo Haenggoo (western names: Helena and Peter)

For about two years now, they always welcome me with open arms. When I come in, they are like: "Hel- OH, It's you! Hi, how are you? Where's your mom? Is she doing alright?" and I get a hug and their smile widens even more, if even possible. She always stops by our table for a quick chat and already told me about their children and even gave me tips on how to make Ddeokbokki. I really enjoy it when she stops to talk and she always tries to teach me some korean and asks me how I'm doing on korean.
He was a real goofball when we went there for the first time, reenacting Psy by doing the Gangnam Style dance and just being really silly with the customers. It's adorable!

In the Wintertime they've handed out small treats. Houses made out of cookies with icing and gummybears and smarties on top. It's adorable and after New Years, they invite their guests to a Karaoke night in the restaurant. 

The Food:

Mandu with vegetable filling

Sidedishes and starters like Kimchi Pancakes and Ddeokbokki

Jajangmyeon AFTER i already mixed it with the black bean sauce >.<
Looked better before I mixed it but forgot the picture

I forgot what this was >< My friend had it

Bulgogi ❤︎ This is how it's served for lunch. For dinner you get the grill on the table, which I prefer

Mochi with tea

Fried Banana with honey and ice cream


This post was mostly just pictures but I think the pictures say way more than words ever could.

And another thing I found on their facebook:

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