Feb 28, 2016

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette

안녕! Before the actual post about the palette, I wanted to share some personal thoughts. Those who don't want to read that, can just scroll past this.

I wouldn't even have known about this collaboration and the palette, if it wouldn't have been for my friend who works at a cosmetics shop.
She kept on telling me about it and how she never used blushes before but started now because of this palette and how well the colors compliment pale skin like ours.

The palette has a really nice design, at least in my opinion, with the golden color and UD's logo on top of it. The dots give it a nice touch and I think it looks more high-quality this way, than when it would have been fully gold. It looks really simple but elegant. 

I really like that there is a big mirror on the top part of the palette. The Naked palettes also have mirrors but they are really small and you can only see a little bit of your face, which would be enough to apply makeup to your eyes, but not to see the full outcome of your makeup. You can use this palette while applying makeup and don't need another mirror, which I do need when I use the Naked palettes.

It's really hard to capture the actual color of these blushes on pictures. >_<
But you have everything you need in this palette. Two of these are perfect to contour and highlight your face. You also have an orangish tone, which you can use as a coral blush and the usual pink blushes. 
I really like that these blushes are very pigmented. Other than my MAC blush, the others are barely pigmented and I need a lot of product to see the color on my cheeks. For this palette, I just had to lightly dab my brush into the product and I didn't need any more. 

I'm still playing around with this and will add it to my post, if my thoughts have changed.
But for now I think that the price for 6 colors of this quality is a good deal.
You should definitely check it out yourself!

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