Mar 25, 2015

Shoppies Review


My 1oth post already! Not that much....but for a newbie it's kind of a lot? Especially for someone like me who is quite lazy when it comes to blogging. 

I should apologize for taking such a long time again, even though I said I wanted to try to have a new post up faster than the last time. 
I had a really busy week and wasn't even home this weekend because I stayed over at a friends, so there wasn't much time to write a post and edit pictures.

I was planning to blog about this website since the beginning and that's why I wanted to make a blog in the first place. 
It seems like not many people know about this shopping site or they just don't trust the site because other girls don't talk about it and there are no reviews anywhere. 
The website I'm talking about is

I found the this site when I was looking for my pink D.I.A. dress. I couldn't find it on mbok and yahoo auctions and just tried googling for it. This site came up as one of the search results. 
I was hesitant at first but thought I should give it a try because I just really wanted to have this dress. 

This is what the front page looks like. You can search what you're looking for in the top bar. 
I like that you can register on here. When I first found the site, you couldn't register an account and you had to do everything on your mobile phone. Which is kind of annoying because you can't download the app in this country.
I made an account so I could see the comments beneath the pictures since the sellers sometimes say that the things aren't available anymore or you can just see when they replied the last time to avoid inactive sellers. 
I'll mention this again later in the post. 
Another good thing about having your own account is that you can press a small heart icon under the pictures and save things you like in a list. That way you don't have to bookmark the sites to keep track of the things you like. 

These are the two things that I got. 
You can see when the items were posted on the website beneath the picture like on the second picture under the white jumpsuit. 
If you found something that was posted over a year ago, you can look at the profile of the seller and look at the last thing they posted to see when the last time was and if they could still be active. Even if it was a long time ago, you can still have your shopping service comment on the items and ask if they are available. 

You can also check the sellers for their past feedback and make sure they are trustworthy before you buy from them. 
You can see this small feedback when you view the item

To see all the details and what people have said about the seller, you have to register though.
Then you can go to their profile and look at the feedback.

As far as I know every shopping service will order from this website. I already had Japonica Market and Japan Auction order for me. FromJapan also confirmed that they would order from this website and I'm pretty sure that Jamie would also work with it. 
There are a few other websites, which I could also review if people would want me to, that you need to have a mobile phone for. One of them is a really good website but only one of my shopping services would order from it. 

Anyway, these are the two/five things that I got:
I don't know if I just missed something in the description of the first item because I don't know japanese and have to use a translator. Or if they really did not say anything about the extras that they were going to send along with the one I paid for. 
But I didn't just get the pink dress. I got d.i.a pants, a shirt and a cardigan with it. 

I'm actually really surprised because the clothes were all in mint condition and the shirt even had tags on it. I was really lucky that I found this offer.

The second thing was this Liz Lisa Jumpsuit which wasn't in perfect condition but it's good enough and I can't complain. 

So far I really can't complain about this website and won't stop using it anytime soon. 


❤︎ Works with all Shopping services
❤︎ You can have your own account
❤︎ You have a favorite list
❤︎ ❤︎ You can find rare clothes
❤︎ You can talk to the seller through comments 
❤︎ You see the feedback of the seller


✘ You need to make an account to see certain features
✘ Japonica Market charges 1000¥ per item (I'm not sure about other SS's)

I love that I can find rare clothes on there and will definitely use it again. I'm already watching a bag on there again. Someone stop me from buying it......


I want to thank Berri who had to deal with me for like 3 months now because I bought shoes from her and the german post just couldn't deliver them. They sent them back to her and she had to ship them to me a second time. 

I finally got them and they are just beautiful!! Thank you for the cute letter and the extra bag. ❤︎
I can't post pictures of me wearing them now because my feet are rebelling because of too much walking lately >_< I'll post them another time though! Probably in summer when I can actually wear them outside. Thank you again!! 

That's it for now. 
Tell me what you think, what you would like me to post about it or just what you don't like or want me to improve on in the comments below. 



  1. Ooh~ I've never hear of this site! It sounds interesting, i'll have a look-see haha! & the Liz Lisa jumpsuit looks really cute!

    1. Yea, I think many haven't heard of it ;w; You might find some cute clothes there ^w^

  2. Oh wait? You thought you were getting two items and got 5? That's alright! I wouldn't complain XD.
    The D.i.a. dress is really nice looking - I love the colours in it.
    And it's okay, lol, you were a pleasure to sell too regardless of the shipping drama :D

    1. Yeaaa haha I was really lucky because the quality of the dress was good and I even got extras xD
      I was worried that I would get a really bad quality dress and instead I got all of that *^*

  3. The D.I.A OP is gorgeous! I may look into Shoppies next time I want to empty out my wallet! :D

    1. Yes, I love it *^* Do that and you can always send an email if you need help with anything ^^

  4. What a great detailed review! ^^
    And I love that dress i have the blue with purple version <3

    1. Thank you ;w; I'm glad you like it.
      Yees the dress is awesome *^* I love how it looks worn and I actually have that version too ;w;


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