Apr 3, 2015

Cinderella Limited Editions



I didn't actually consider blogging about these LE's when I bought them, but I went back to the store and picked up a couple more things which I want to giveaway one day. I guess that gives me a reason to talk about the stuff in a blogspot. 

MAC Cinderella Limited Edition

I bought the Iridescent Powder in Couple D'Chic and the Lipstick in Royal Ball. It was really hard to find these products. They were sold out online within minutes and I saw a lot of girls complaining about things being taken out of their carts during the checkout process. The powder was being sold on Ebay for twice the price but I was lucky enough to find a girl in a german MAC group on facebook, who sold it to me for the normal price because she got 2 of them by mistake. I did buy the lipstick on Ebay but it was one of the cheaper ones and I couldn't get it anywhere else  
I saw many people complain about the packaging and the quality of the makeup. 
Personally, I love the blue color and it suits the Cinderella theme. The products also work quite well for me. The powder gives my cheeks some color and is slightly glittery which makes my face glow in a healthy way. I'm lucky that I'm so pale or else the powder would just work as a highlighter. The girls with darker skin might have a problem with that. 
The lipstick can put emphasis on the dry parts of your lips so you definitely need to use lipbalm or you can use another lipstick first and this as a top coat. 
I'd give it 4 out of 5 ✰

Essence Cinderella Collection

I've been looking everywhere for this collection and checked 3 stores in this city but none of them had any of this. I was visiting my friend, who moved to a much smaller city, and we went shopping there. I thought why not check the store there. And I was lucky because they had still had some of these products. 
I could get the essence blush in 01 So this is Love, the highlighter powder in 01 The Glass Slipper and the nail stickers in 02 It's more than I ever hoped for.  
After I came back home, my mom checked one of the drugstores here and they actually restocked on some of the things but they just had like 3 eyeshadow palettes and one highlighter left when I went there. My mom also got me a nail polish and another set of nail stickers while she was there. She usually doesn't get me makeup but knows how much I love Cinderella so she got them for me. 
Anyway, when I went to the store I picked up two eyeshadow palettes and another highlighter. 
I figured that I'd like to have a giveaway one day when I have more followers. You guys are following me and I want to give something back to you. 
I thought these would be a good idea because of the cute packaging and because it's a limited edition which was sold out really fast and also sold on ebay for twice the price. 
I will store these in a box and add a few more things over time to have cute things to give to you when I'll actually hold the giveaway. 

Do you like such posts? Would you like to see more makeup posts with actual swatches from korean and japanese beauty products? I was considering reviewing the new Etude House products that I ordered a while ago. 
I always look at reviews first before I buy things online and it's better to have more reviews about one product to see different opinions and how people react to it. 

I should stop talking so much now and just get started on my new post. 

Tell me what you would like to see me blog about and I'll consider those suggestions
Thanks for reading! 


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