Mar 5, 2015

JustKawaii Review/Tip


I haven't posted in like a month. ><  I was just really busy with my personal life and didn't have any time to write a post on the weekends. And last week I didn't feel like writing anything because I've been sick since friday and feel like I'm coughing my heart and lungs out. >< That's why this is just a quick update and less of a review. 

I ordered from JustKawaii in mid 2014. I saw the owner post in several groups about having a 50% sale to get rid of her whole stock and figured it would be worth it. I thought that the shop had closed by now but I saw another update on her facebook page recently. 

You can find her shop on HERE

She still has some clothes from these 4 Brands. 

A lot of the clothes are already on sale and you will get another 50% off if you enter her code at the end. 

I don't have a picture of the package anymore but it was really cute. The clothes were wrapped up in pink paper and sealer with a sticker from her shop.

I got this Golds Infinity dress

The color is a little bit different that it is on the picture but it's still beautiful and I love it. 
As you can see, it's new and has tags on it. 

The second item I got was a Ma*rs shirt
I couldn't find a picture of it anymore, so you just have the ones I took here ><

The whole back is made out of lace and the top has a chain hanging on. It's really simple and pretty. 

I got one for 50% off and the other one for less because it was on sale already.
Shipping was a bit much but I got it within a few days and it was packed well, so I don't mind. 

I got a few extras with my order: 

2 cute bags with their logo

a clear file from Lilimpark
I took this without flash so it looks a little weird. 

and stickers from the shop and 109 

The original prices were a little high but it's fine with the 50% sale and you can get new brand clothes. She still has quite a few things available so check it out and see if you can find something for yourself ^^

I hope I can post again this week or in the beginning of the next one to make up for the lack of posts. 
Thanks for reading! 



  1. Aw I really like the first dress from Golds Infinity! It's a pretty color *_* Too bad her shop seems to be closing, not much left to really look at :'(
    I hope you're feeling much better now ^-^

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. Thank you for the comment ;w;
      Yea, it was closing already when I first saw it but she still has some nice things and I thought some people might find something there ^^
      Thank you! >< I hope this cough will stop soon

  2. Awww, you got two really nice items - I didn't know this store existed - too bad it's closing :/

    1. Yes, these are really nice and I also just randomly saw her in a FB group and didnt know about the store before.
      She had really nice things so it's sad she's closing it :/

  3. So pretty stuff! I especially like the shirt *^*

    1. Thank you for the comment ^^
      Yes, I love the shirt *^* It's really elegant but has that nice twist with the see-through lace


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