Jan 2, 2015

Liz Lisa Fukubukuros


It's that time of the year again!
Every year in december the Fukubukuro (福袋, "lucky bag", "mystery bag") pre-sales start.
The official sales only start on/after New Years, though. The New Year's sales could be compared to the Black Friday sales in the US.
Only that the stores and brands in Japan prepare special bags.
Liz Lisa is one of the brands that prepares several bags for the New Year's sales. They differentiate into price categories. The more the bag costs, the bigger and more clothes it has.
The clothes in the same price range are usually the same but not necessarily and be a little different.
Each price category has their own clothes and you won't find a dress which is supposed to be in a 15.000¥ bag in a 20.000¥ bag.
The clothes and their colors in each bag are coordinated in a way,  so you can put together a whole outfit, or more, with them.
Sample reveals are usually released in mid-december. The clothes that you see there can be in the bag but could also be a little different. The surprise is what triggers most people to buy these bags.

This year there is a 5.000¥ bag, which included two pieces.

The next is a small suitcase for 15.000¥. This one includes a coat, a dress and a top.
You can buy the white version of it online. The pink version of the suitcase can only be found in stores.

The next bag is a canvas bag and both version can be found online and in stores. There is a white casual version and a pink cuter one. It costs 20.000¥ and there are 5 pieces inside of it. 

The two last ones are trunks. One is limited to online purchases while the other one is limited to in-store purchases. 
This year is the first time that there is a trunk that is limited to the web only. 
It includes 6 pieces and costs 25.000¥. There have been no sample releases for it so far.
The store limited one is a collaboration between Liz Lisa and My Melody. It includes 9 pieces and costs 30.000¥ 

I bought the last two trunks with two different shopping services and will post what I got and reviews of both shopping services when I got the bags. 
I'm really excited already and can't wait to get my Fukubukuros 


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