Dec 15, 2014



Every blog should with an introduction and this is mine! You can call me Minah or just Mimi. 
I was recently reading an old blog of mine and then I stumbled upon another blog that my best friend and I used to have. It kind of made me miss blogging and so I've decided to try again.

The last time was in 2009 and I talked a lot about everyday life, what I was doing with my friends and it was sort of more like a diary than a blog.
That's not what I plan on writing about this time.

This blog is supposed to be a little different, nothing too personal! 

One big part of this blog will be reviews. I've already planned some reviews on shopping services for japanese websites. I don't know yet, if I want to include any more.
I hate ordering things or using shopping services without reading reviews first. It makes me feel safer and I know what I can expect. 

Recently I ordered from this japanese website, which had no reviews at all. It did seem kind of sketchy but I really wanted this dress, so I just tried it anyway. 
I hope that other people, who wanted to order from this website, can feel more at ease after finding and reading a review.

Another big part of this blog will be recipe's. I'm way too lazy to write everything down in a book but I need to keep them somewhere. I don't think I will blog about them /too/ often, though.

Well, about me, I'm ooooold and I've been interested in asia since I've been a child.
I'm a dork who loves anime, but is often too lazy to watch it because of subtitles. 

I fell in love with kpop in 2010 when I saw Kim Hyuna's Change on a german blogger's website and I also fell in love with the gyaru fashion about a year ago. I've always loved the fashion and saw many pictures online but, apparently, I only found out what the style is actually called and what it is about last year. 

So, I don't really know what else I should say. I could keep on babbling for a while but it would be boring, if it isn't already. Just comment if you have any questions or would like to say something. Constructive criticism is always welcome, as long as you're not rude about it. 

Thanks for reading


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