Jan 17, 2015

Liz Lisa featured in Popteen


I was too busy to write another review that I have planned already.

This post is just a quick update and maybe a nice tip for some.

The new Popteen features a Liz Lisa Pouch.

You buy the magazine for the regular price and even get a cute little pouch with it.
The floral prints are pretty and the color and print combination looks beautiful.
I just bought a pouch recently but this one made me want to buy the magazine.
I'll just show you some pictures and let you decide for yourself.

If you live in Düsseldorf or close by, you can get this magazine in the Takagi Store which is in a small street close to the 'Bakery My Heart'.
If you live in Germany, you might be able to find it in a store. If not, you can order it on here:
I think the store even ships to other european countries.
Both stores sell it for 13€
It should also be on ebay but I'm not quite sure how much it would cost there.
Depends on the seller.

Another exciting thing for me:

I have two of these dresses! :D

I actually sold the blue one already. 
I finally got my hands on the black one. This dress and I have a difficult story.
I saw a girl selling it in the Gyaru Sales group but when I asked her about it, she had already sold the black one and offered me a white one instead. I thought I would never be able to get the black one, so I bought the white one from her.
A few months later I saw the blue dress on mbok and used the opportunity and bought the dress.
I sold my white one and was happy that I got a darker color. It wasn't black but at least darker than the white one.
A week ago I saw Lenie sell her black dress on Facebook and messaged her as soon as I saw it.
I think she only had it posted for like 30 minutes when I already bought it from her.
I already sold my blue one to Lily and got my black one instead.
I'm glad that I could also help Lily find a dress that she was looking for.
She seems really happy that she finally got it :D And I'm happy that I finally got my black one ;w;

Well, that was it for my small update. I hope my tip is useful for some people and someone will get a cute new pouch soon.

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  1. The pouch is so so so cute!
    And it's funny how you had to go through so many dresses to get the one you wanted but I'm glad you got there in the end~

    1. Yes, I love it *^* Though I thought about giving it to my friend.
      Hahaaa yeaa it was difficult with the dresses but I'm just really happy I finally got it ;A; Even if it's just a different color.
      Thank you for the comment :3


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