Sep 6, 2015

Real vs Fake Etude House Etoinette collection

I feel like each one of my posts should start with an apology because it always takes me months to write up a new post. So, I'm sorry for taking so long, once again ><
Then I also want to thank the 1-2 new readers, who subscribed to my blog. It might not be a lot but it's still one more person who wants to read my blog and I'm really grateful!
Now on to the post:

A few weeks ago I bought an Etude House Princess Etoinette Lipstick from a private seller. They said they bought it from the online store for about 25$, which was weird already because it's not that expensive and just costs about 10$ plus shipping, but I thought that they might have exaggerated because they wanted a little profit and it was still cheaper than the 50$ lipsticks on ebay and the lipstick was sold out everywhere.
Then I got this:

It looks fine so far, doesn't it?

This was the next thing I saw. You should always check if the number actually exists. The Color POR211 does not exist for this collection and that was when I started being suspicious.

The next thing I noticed was that the cap was dirty and had several black lines. A new lipstick should not look like this.
I also compared the logo to the one on the Blush I have from the same collection and then I googled what it should look like for the lipstick and it was definitely different.

1. The circle is a bit thicker and the open spot in the middle is not as big.
2. The circle in the E is not as round but quite small and more longer than rounder.
3. Those 3 strokes should have a nicer form which is smaller on left side and gradually becomes bigger, looking like a drop.
4.  The end of it should curl inside but it just ends in the middle of the logo.
5. The same as Number 3.
(I'm not exactly sure how to explain all these differences but you can just look at the picture and I will post another one so just scoll a little more or ask me in the comments)

When I opened the Lipstick, I noticed that the E is missing. The Emblem should be on it.

I googled an official picture of the lipstick and put both the lipstick and the emblem on the outside together to show you the differences in one picture.

I contacted the seller and they kept telling me that they bought it from the official store but when I asked for a screenshot of the order, they kept on giving me lots of excuses.
If you're ever in this situation, make sure that the seller can proof that it is a genuine lipstick.
Please DO NOT use it, if you do not know if it's genuine. There can be a lot of dangerous ingredients inside of it and you don't want to have it on your lips. Your skin can absorb it and you will be licking your lips or just drinking and feeding your body with the toxic substance.

The seller told me to just keep it and use it or to sell it to someone else myself. Do not agree to that! Do not use it and also do not sell it yourself!
1. You don't want to give someone else a fake lipstick and have them use it!
2. You also do not want to be in the same position as the seller who sold you the item.

Open a paypal claim and ask for your money back!

I luckily got my money back and did not use the lipstick. Always make sure what you bought is a genuine product from the brand!

If you have any more questions, just leave a comment below or send me a message!


  1. For a moment, I got scared since I received an Etoinette lipstick as a gift last year which is pretty late since the collection is older- but I checked my own review just in case! Luckily, I got an authentic one so that's good... but yes, everyone should be cautious to fake sellers! May I ask where the seller you purchased this was from?

    1. They were from Germany, but I also looked at some pictures on Ebay and saw that there are more sellers with fake Etoinette lipsticks >< I also looked at different websites when I was ordering the Berrisom liptint from my last post and one website had pictures which showed how the fake ones look. You should always be careful ;;
      I bought Etoinette lipsticks from KollectionK now and hope they are authentic.

  2. Que sinvergüenza vender un producto falso como si fuera verdadero, me encanta Etoinette es muy bonito todo, quiero comprar un labial así que tendré en cuenta tus consejos.

    1. I'm sorry I don't really understand you ;;


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