May 9, 2015

Music Post


I thought I could post a few music videos. I have seen other bloggers post their favorite songs and I also discovered some really nice ones through such posts. I listen to Kpop a lot so that will be a huge part.

The first time I saw such a post was in 2010 when one of my favorite bloggers ( Asu )posted a list with new korean releases and there was this one song that made me a fan.

Hyuna -  Change (feat. B2ST's Junhyung)

It was the solo debut of my favorite, Hyuna.
It's still one of my favorites songs and Hyuna has been my favorite Idol/Artist since then.
The song and dance have been covered a lot and she's also been quite popular since then.
Her second solo song has over 90.000.000 views, she was in PSY's Gangnam Style music video and is part of a group and a popular subunit.

4minute - 미쳐 (Crazy) 

Her group is also one of my favorites. I've seen quite a few gyaru bloggers talk about this song when it was released this year. I was really happy because they went back to their old sound and stopped working with the producer from the past 2 years.

Big Bang - Bae Bae 

Big Bang - Loser 

This is another group that Gyarus seem to like. Their fans have been waiting 3 years for a comeback and these songs are really good. G-Dragon worked a lot and they will be releasing songs every month until they release a full album with completely new songs.

Hyunseung - 니가  처음이야 (Ma First) (Feat. Giriboy)

Another group that I really like is B2ST and one of my two favorites just released his first solo song. He has been part of a subunit, Troublemaker, since 2011 but this is his first solo.

Girl's Day's Minah - I Am A Woman Too

Minah is my favorite from her group and I've been following their music since 'Expectation'. I didn't expect it at first but I really her song. I just randomly start singing it sometimes ^^;; I also saw a Girls Day teaser for a comeback and hope it will be as good as the last songs.

BTS - I Need U

I actually watched this one just now and didn't expect much but it's not bad. The first song I've listened to from this group. Listened to it twice now and its stuck in my head...

Sunmi - 24 Hours

This isn't a new song but 2 years old. I felt like adding it to the list because I still love her solo debut. Sunmi left my favorite Kpop group in 2010 because she was homesick while they were in the US. She had a solo debut in 2013 with this song.

Infinite - Before The Dawn

I also want to mention Infinite because I'm waiting for their comeback which should be in May.
I love the dance for this song, especially the scorpion dance at the end. I hope to see another good dance when they have their comeback.

I should stop now or it will never end and I won't even get to post this.


  1. You should include hyorzilla too uwu I feel deeply offended <3

    1. Hahahah sorry!! What was her last song, though? Bad Girls?

  2. Yeaaaahhh bigbang bae bae <3
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